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"I deserve to know my full potential. I owe it to myself to know what I am fully capable of."

Wow, buddy. This hit home. I love you <3

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Moment of clarity in the garden

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Lauren your sober journey, and how open you are with everything, is amazing. Getting past the shame of it and just going "yep, internet, I did this stuff and lied about it to everyone including myself" is a big deal. I'm very glad to know sober Lauren.

Years back, some folk in the city I lived in decided to make a proper show of Pride, with a full weekend of stuff. I joined the committee and got pretty involved.

One day after work I headed over to the house of the Chair to talk through some stuff, and the first thing she did was make me a giant omelette because she knew I hadn't been eating because I was broke.

This was the same person who also once gave me a winter coat, because I didnt have one and couldn't afford to buy one. I had that coat for a few years, before eventually passing it on to a homeless guy who came to the shelter I was working at and had nothing but a thin hoodie and thin jacket. I had managed to buy another winter coat by then, and it made a great extra layer for him.

I like that my near-constant crappy financial position eventually worked out well for someone else that one timeπŸ˜†

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