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Well... I'm in bed, under a blanket, with Cuddles snuggled close. One cat is on my lap, another by my feet, the third on Cuddles, and the dog is under Cuddles' blanket being a space heater (seriously, she not only recognises this as a command now, she has learned to come and ask to go under a blanket).

The only things I'd change for this to be perfect would be the location. Cold and wet doesn't really appeal to me (or my various pains), and it'd be cool to just rearrange the world a bit so more friends were nearby and we got to live where there was less rain, and the heat was dry and never humid. Also, near a beach.

I know, I know, I'm boring.

OK, so full on fantasy answer... 🤔 I'm at the after party of a ceremony where I won an award for doing cool stuff for queer people. Cuddles is there, friends are there, and I'm looking forward to going back to our hotel to collapse, and spend the next day in bed recovering and stroking my new award as we both gorge on snacks.

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There are a lot of great things happening on Broadway that I am not seeing and it’s making me sad (Jordan Fisher in Hadestown, Wicked’s 20th anniversary, Titus Burgess in Moulin Rouge, Merrily We Roll Along is happening)

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