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Holy god that photo!!! 💜

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Agree wholeheartedly with Amie- that photo!! 🥳🥰🫶

Also your writing Lauren - brilliant in so many ways. Attention to detail & your awareness to notice all the small things is what stands out a mile here for me!

To all these people you were on the beach pensive in thought no doubt ....little did they know you were an exquisite writer writing your next story as it all unfolded around you 👌😍🥰

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I love your daily observation journals. I struggle so much with focusing on anything but myself when I'm outside. Between the pain that rips through me, and the severe anxiety and agoraphobia, I'm always a mess.

I wanna comment on your child free thing. Always know that there are people who understand! It's not about meeting the right person. Even if you do, in the future, find your Person, they'll be child free as well. So really they just sound like idiots :D

I do overhear some things thought. We have an awful, terrible, no good, very bad neighbour. And we hear him a lot, screaming at his kids when they're with him. Screaming at his gf, the kid's mother, his 'friends', I guess, in the street. We call him Pillock. There are many worse words we could use, but that's the one that stuck. He's an aggressive, abusive, angry, lacking intelligence in basically every possible field. Fuckin asshole. We call him that, too.

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Your skin remembers and I will remember this 💕

(Weight luggages rules are the worst!!)

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